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Who We Are

The International Network of Next Generation Ecologists (INNGE, [in-jee]) is a newly established network of ecologists that seeks to bring especially early career ecologists together from around the world. It is the hope that this will help to strengthen international ties and inspire new activities in a growing global community of ecologists.

During the past decades, the world has grown steadily smaller. Amidst this, the numbers of students and early career researchers in the sciences have increased dramatically and academic communities have become increasingly international. The discipline of ecology is no exception. Ecologists are now routinely criss-crossing the world for fieldwork, collaborations, and meetings. As our community has grown, so has the challenge of keeping up with developments in the discipline on different continents. For ecology students and early career researchers, the growth of the community also makes it more difficult to navigate the challenge of developing a career and engaging in professional societies.

The initiative to develop a network like INNGE was undertaken by early career ecologists who are already involved in various ecological societies. The main priority of INNGE is to further strengthen national and regional societies, and facilitate linkages between them that otherwise would not be made.

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