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INTECOL Early Career Skills Workshops

Prior to the welcome mixer on Sunday evening, the International Network of Next Generation Ecologists () is convening to showcase emerging career opportunities for ecologists in the 21st century. The four 90 minute workshops will attempt to shed some light on the options available to 21st century ecologists. There are two streams: one aimed tentatively for undergraduate, Masters or early PhD students and the other for older PhD students and PostDocs. Needless to say, there is full freedom of movement across both. All events are conveniently placed at the ExCeL centre, meaning you’ll be on site and ready to register ahead of the welcome mixer.

The four sessions begin at 14:00 on Sunday 18th August, i.e. before the welcome mixer, and are:

How to raise your profile (14:00-15:30, Capital Suite 1)

With more and more people holding more and more degrees on the job market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure your wanted position. This 90 minute session from 14:00 will focus on how you can raise your profile and get ahead of the curve. Karen Devine will discuss what makes a good CV, and suggest how to tailor your CV to the job you're applying for. Other ways of raising your digital profile will then be explored, including on effective blogging and on the judicious use of twitter. Elsewhere, we’ll mention Facebook, LinkedIn, ResearchGate and and there’ll be an opportunity for you to ask your own questions of the panel.

Unlocking your potential (16:00-17:30, Capital Suite 1)

The has run popular "Unlocking your potential" early career events at its annual meetings over the past three years (you can read the , or Seán Kelly’s ). The event will be between 16.00 and 17.30, i.e. shortly before the welcome mixer, and will take a similar format: the established superstars on the panel explain briefly how they unlocked their own potential, and then the event is thrown open to the floor for you to ask your own questions. This year’s panel will include BES President , and others working in non-governmental organisations, policy and ecological consultancy to give a flavour of the diversity of careers that ecology can lead into.

Data visualization (14:00-15:30, Capital Suite 3)

The workshop will run from 14:00 to 15:30 and be split into two sections — one hour for theoretical discussion of how to approach data visualization, followed by 30 minutes of group work on solving problems. The first hour will be led by , Professor of Visual Analytics at the , who will give a presentation on data visualization techniques. After questions, you’ll break into groups and work through some issues in data visualization with real data.

Open, transparent science (16:00-17:30, Capital Suite 3)

Steve Ellner, who gave the Tansley Lecture at last year’s British Ecological Society Annual Meeting, . He says: “I learned by example that treating science as a team sport (with only one team) is more fun and ultimately more productive”. A major impediment to working as a team is inaccessible methods, data and publication outlets. In this session from 16:00 to 17:30, we’ll explore two contrasting options of how open science has the potential to revolutionize the way in which we do ecology. (University of Bath) and (Microsoft Research) will talk about and demonstrate ways in which, by making all steps of the scientific process available and subject to critique, we can increase the quality of all our work.

Please email me (T.Ezard [at] if you’d like to attend. There'll be more on the midweek INNGE workshops shortly.

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