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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pronounce INNGE?

INNGE was originally meant to be pronounced [in-jee], however several pronunciations have evolved. In the UK, for example, you might hear INNGE pronounced [inch]. We think this creatitvity is great fun. How do you think INNGE should be pronounced?

What is INNGE?

INNGE is a global community platform for early-career ecologists. This means that INNGE works to create opportunities for early-career ecologists, opportunities that are not limited by geographical or institutional boundaries. Our work includes creation of better online communication channels, strenthening and establishing of new local early-career groups, discussing opportunities in open-ecology, and integration of early-career scientists in global science programs and platforms. See this for more about what we have done in the first three years.

What is an early-career ecologist?

Many people ask how we define what an early-career ecologist is. INNGE has no strict definition for the early-career stage; in fact, the question could be answered in at least a couple of ways. The first and shortest answer is that if you feel you are early-career you probably are early-career. Most people involved in INNGE categorize themselves some form of student (Bachelor, Master or PhD), or as a Postdoctoral Researcher, junior professor, or the equivalent career stage in other employment sectors than academia. Finally, there’s some that might not consider themselves early-career ecologists, but want to work to create opportunities for early-career ecologists. In any of those cases, INNGE is the right place for you.

Where is INNGE located?

INNGE is entirely located on the web. One of the primary motivations behind the launch of INNGE is to enable scientists to breach geographical and institutional boundaries to mirror the way that future generations of ecologists will work, learn, and socialize.

How do I participate?

INNGE is fully dependent on the involvement of a diverse community of early-career ecologists. Here are a few ways of getting involved: Much of our activity takes place via . The listservs are often where discussion of coming initiatives will take place. The social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are well designed for quick sharing of material.

The ecology blog aggregator provide and effective means of communicating your personal perspectives to the wider community. Sign your blog up today and become part of the community! Simply send your blog feed link to the webmaster .

Does INNGE have a membership?

To encourage the open and free interaction among early-career ecologists INNGE does not currently offer individual memberships. Instead we consider all early-career ecologists as part of our wider community and encourage everyone to get involved through the ways listed above. INNGE offers memberships to institutions associated with the science of ecology. The involvement of these institutions serve to provide the long-term resilience and stability of the network.

What does the organizational structure look like?

Something like this:

How is INNGE related to INTECOL?

INNGE and INTECOL have a strong and coordinated partnership. INTECOL had an important role in helping INNGE become a reality. Starting with the INTECOL congress in 2013, INNGE has been represented by two delegates on INTECOL’s board.

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