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Minutes from first INNGE Executive Board meeting

Date: 2014–05–08



  • Peter Søgaard Jørgensen
  • Naupaka Zimmerman
  • Lucia DeSoto
  • Heather Campbell


  • Rob Salguero-Gomez


  • Background of INNGE governance history and introductions of executive board
  • Discuss formalizing relationship further with INTECOL
  • Options for seeking financial support
    • Need to first figure out how much we need
    • Make budget of what has been spent thus far
  • Discuss formalizing financial relationships with other international organizations
    • ESA, BES, ESAu, EEF etc?
  • How much to ask for from formal member organizations to INNGE? How to make this fair?
  • Where and how to register INNGE formally as a non-profit/NGO?
    • Where is this done for other international organizations and why?
  • Where to keep funds/dues in the future?
  • Division of work within executive board
    • Role of vice-chair
      • Start receiving/monitoring email from nextgenecologists email account
    • Role of treasurer (and how Rob can help Lucia get things done)
  • Setting a date for the next Gov board and executive board meetings
    • Once a month for each, alternating every two weeks
    • Next full gov board meeting after Peter returns from Japan and Italy?

Action Items (Added to Trello after meeting)

  • Make budget of what has been spent thus far [Peter, Naupaka]
  • Make a first estimate of an annual budget [Lucia, Rob]
  • Meeting with rOpenSci about ideas for getting outside funding [Naupaka]
  • Doing research potential funding sources [Peter]
  • Doing research on finding appropriate legal advice on where to base an international organization (legally, financially) [Lucia, Peter]
  • Need to update INNGE contacts for all these organizations [membership team]

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