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Minutes from INNGE’s second executive board meeting

June 19, 2014


  • Naupaka Zimmerman (University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ)
  • Peter Søgaard Jørgensen (France)
  • Lucía DeSoto (University of Coimbra, Portugal)
  • Heather Campbell (University of Western Sydney)

Executive board members sending regrets (current location):

  • Rob Salguero-Gomez


  1. Interest in new working group positions

    • Four expressions of interest so far, three which seem relevant for the working group.
    • Send reminder to innge list about positions (Peter)
    • Decision about who to follow up with in two-three weeks.
  2. Newsletter
    • A new newsletter is due
    • Heather can compile newsletter content (announcement of gov board members, working groups, positions, and open call for new people to get involved with the working). - Also put a link for people to sign up for interest group email lists
      • Naupaka and Peter will provide material.
    • Aim to send out newsletter July 10.
    • Announce either amount of interest or new people in the working group (social media, blog, website)
    • Announce new mailing lists for topical groups in newsletter.
  3. Follow ups from last governing board meeting
    • Meeting with rOpenSci about ideas for getting outside funding [Naupaka]
    • Doing research on finding appropriate legal advice on where to base an international organization (legally, financially) [Lucia, Peter]
      • Lucia has been carrying out research on conditions for setting up organizational bank accounts
      • Lucia, Rob, Lau will call meeting on finances with participation from the rest of the governing board
    • Need to update INNGE contacts for all these organizations [membership team]
  4. Planning for INTECOL mini-meeting in August at ESA in Sacramento
    • Financing/finances proposal
    • Aim for skype meeting with Shona and Alan in early July (Peter, Naupaka)
  5. Online conference (inspired by Peter’s meetings with ICSU and Future Earth)
    • Do we and INNGE members want to get involved with an online conference?
    • Email to 18 institutional members - outlining what it would be like and asking if they would be interested in supporting/attaching their names to, etc
    • Peter will draft the email in a google doc and send to the board for comments [July]
  6. Mailing lists
    • Discussion about how online communication in topical groups will be organized.
      • Existing mailing lists will be transferred to mailman server
      • New topical groups will as a start be organized around mailing lists, using Slack
      • Announce mailiing lists in newsletter.
  7. A short page on about how to get involved with a special interest group (tools and what they’re for, using open science as an example) [Naupaka]

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