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Minutes from INNGE’s fifth governing board meeting

Date: 2014&;09&;23


  • Alexandra Sutton
  • Laureano Gheradi
  • Naupaka Zimmerman
  • Peter Søgaard Jørgensen
  • Rachel White
  • Tom Ezard
  • Timothee Poisot


  • Rob Salguero-Gomez
  • Pawel Waryszak
  • Heather Campbell


  1. Introduction of new working group members

  2. Pick term for consolidated working group and governing board pages on website - “INNGE committee”? “Core contributors”? Something else?

    • The working group and governing board pages will be consolidated into one page.
    • The decision from the working group was to keep using working group as the general term that also includes all governing board members.
    • Idea from Pawel: My idea would be to present all the INNGE members together (maybe even in alphabetical order) on one page (instead having two Gov and Work Group) and introduce extra information of the role of each member in INNGE; so the potential member&;s tab would look the same plus role ~ photo+name+role+bio.
    • What about changing terms: Gov Body + Working Group = INNGE Committee Members?
  3. Update from INTECOL mini meeting in connection with ESAmerica mtg

    • Peter and Naupaka provided an update from the mini meeting at ESA in Sacramento. Including update on funding strategy - bank account with INTECOL - potential funders.
    • INNGE is currently exploring having a bank account with INTECOL
    • INNGE will present ecosphere manuscript to INTECOL board.
  4. INNGE benefits and executive summary material

    • Peter has drafted a one page executive summary of INNGE as well as a member benefits document. The working group discussed how to tailor the material to different audiences (see ACTION items) and this included discussion about revamping the front page on Revamp the front page - include four or so pictures/blocks where you can engage. On mouse-over could be a few bullets visualized.
  5. Discuss EU H2020 proposal - INNGE position on E-harmonization board

    • INNGE has been invivted to participate on an E-harmonization board for a Horizon 2020 proposal. We are waiting to hear whether the H2020 gets funded. Tim Poisot has been nominated for the E-harmoninzation board position.
  6. Constituent survey of the current INNGE network (from Rachel)

    • Rachel provided an overview of the current results, how many people have currently responded, and ways to encourage more people to take it. Currently about 60 participants ofthe survey from 23 (!) countries.
  7. Minor updates: blog posts, wiki, and something else

    • A lot more content has been added to the INNGE wiki - .
    • The Open Science group is growing and will hold its first meeting next month.
    • on the 2014 International Association for Vegetation Science meeting.
  8. Newsletter update - request for material

    • Heather is preparing the next newsletter. The working group came up with the following content that needs to be announced.
    • Election in winter including new organizational structure (i.e. FAQ page) (Peter)
    • New wiki content (Naupaka, Peter, Tim)
    • New front page (Naupaka)
    • ECRpaper (Will, Mariah, Peter)
    • Constituent Survey (Rachel)
    • Open Science group (Tim)
    • Future Earth meetings and engagement (Peter)
    • A few bits from INTECOL mini-meeting at ESA 2014 (Peter, Naupaka)
    • Benefits and how to get involved (Rachel, Alexandra)
    • New working group members (Pawel, Tim B)
  9. Discuss new meeting schedule - frequency of board mtg, frequency of topical mtgs, frequency of mtgs w/ nodes

    • Once over six months, set a day/time to have as many formal society liaisons participate in.

    • The suggestion is to have working group meetings every second month and topical meetings (interdisciplinary, open science, early career, conference, media meetings) in-between.

    • Best-Practice Procedure For Arranging Innge Topical Meetings

      • Announce meeting on social media and innge list two weeks in advance
      • Twitter account, facebook group and
      • Reminder one week in advance and the day before.
      • Log into skype with “innge_skypes” account so that anyone can join meeting
  10. INNGE Conference packages &; Alexa

    • Alexa on how to prioritize INNGE presence and activities at various conferences.
    • Could develop list of workshops/sessions that INNGE has run in the past (a portfolio of what INNGE has done in the past).
    • BES/SFE meeting this year -> Alexandra, Tim P, Rachel will be there. Perhaps contact Amy, Matt O’Callaghan as well?
  11. Any Other Business

    • aimed to launch next week, postings of papers will happen on Thursdays on twitter, aggregated on INNGE website, blog post on INNGE blog advertising
    • Current status of Ecosphere GCIP manuscript -> needs to be resubmitted by Oct 1. Peter taking the lead on weaving all edits together.
    • ESA Centennial Ecosphere manuscript - not yet started up
    • NEXT MEETING Working Group meeting - November 17&;21
    • For this meeting we tried a new online communications platform Fuze. It worked well, will continue to use for meetings going forward (free option seems sufficient for now).

Action Items

  • ACTION: (Naupaka): Update website to consolidate Working Group and Governing board pages. Remove Governing board page, and add all to Working Group page, with roles added alongside pictures
  • ACTION: (Rachel) Send survey to ECOLOG, Evoldir, Ecodiff.
  • ACTION: (Rachel) Write short blog post about survey (couple hundred words),
  • ACTION: (Heather) Write Newsletter content and ask for input.
  • ACTION: (Naupaka) Revamp the front page - include four or so pictures/blocks where you can engage. On mouse-over could be a few bullets visualized.
  • ACTION: (Peter) Put executive summary up on google doc.
  • ACTION: (Peter) - Post visionary bullet points to google docs for executive summary.
  • ACTION (Peter): Contact Ellen about Ecosphere Centennial manuscript.
  • ACTION: (WHOO?) Make list of reasons for having an early career section or other support within the structure of the various national societies
  • ACTION: (Alexa) Contact graphic artist for new INNGE logo
  • ACTION: (Tim) Send out notification for open science working group
  • ACTION: (Heather, Peter) Newsletter material
  • ACTION: (Peter) Remind David about banners
  • ACTION: (Rachel) Organize and call meeting for ecological society reps and working group every sixth - support from Heather, Peter, Naupaka
  • ACTION: (Peter) Contact Alice about Interdisciplinary group meeting in October.
  • ACTION: (Tim) Call open science group meeting for last week of October.

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