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The need for an international body for early career ecologists to interact has been recognized for some time. At the latest INTECOL conference in 2009 in Brisbane, Australia (organized in collaboration with the Ecological Society of Australia and the New Zealand Ecological Society) early career ecologists restated this need. As the natural place for ecological societies to build initiatives and share experiences at a global scale, will be a key partner in INNGE’s effort to establish a global community of early career ecologists.

We wrote an article entitled A global network of next-generation ecologists that was published in the June 2011 issue of the INTECOL e-bulletin. You can download the bulletin - the article begins on page three.

In that article, we were endorsed by INTECOL president, Alan P. Covich, who said that "This new network will enhance communication among the increasing number of early career ecologists in INTECOL. The initial success at our Brisbane meeting with a workshop dedicated to networking among early career ecologists indicates this expanded effort to connect our members globally will be appreciated by many. I look forward to meeting many of our new members in London in 2013 and to following the growth of this network online".

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