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This is a wiki managed by the participants and affiliates of the Future Earth Young Scientists Networking Conference on Integrated Science on the topic of “Ecosystems and human wellbeing in the green economy”. The meeting was held from May 25 to 30 at Villa Vigoni in Menaggio at the shores of Lake Como, Italy.

News resources

You can read a short news story about the conference at Future Earth's website


Read INNGE's live blog from the conference

Read the Network of Early-Career Sustainable Scientists & Engineers's (NESSE) blog post from the conference

Read Carina Wyborn's and Leah Sandberg's blog post from the conference "#futureeconomy, future networks?"


See photos from the conference on INNGE's flickr stream

Networking resources

Google drive folder

Facebook group

The Twitter hashtag for the conference was (and still is) #futureeconomy

Research group pages

Climate change adaptation

Ecosystem services and poverty alleviation



Leverage points for global sustainability


Uncertainty in knowledge co-production

Tipping points and resilience



Crazy wild ideas for future research/collaboration

The Australian corner

Job offers