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Jump to: navigation, search is a project to develop web-based tools for scientific collaboration. Iugo-cafe came about as an experiment to understand the blocks to web-collaboration among scientists and later to experiment with tools that would facilitate code-sharing. The idea was to learn by doing and at the same time to create something that would be of use to our own groups of scientists. The project was led by Eli Holmes in the Mathematical Biology group at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center and supported by NOAA/NMFS.

Random Pursuits is a website maintained by Dr. Elizabeth Holmes to provide online access to workshops and symposia on stochastic population dynamics and inference from such (i.e. ecological statistics). The scientific material on the site comes from both Dr. Holmes and from a variety of other scientists who do research in population dynamics or ecological statistics.

FishBox is a project by the Mathematical Biology Program at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center, Seattle WA to create user-friendly webtools for scientific code collaboration. Web site owner: NWFSC