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The International Network of Next Generation Ecologists (INNGE, [in-jee]) is a network of ecologists that seeks to bring early career ecologists together from around the world. It is the hope that this will help to strengthen international ties and inspire new activities in a growing global community of ecologists.

If you want to contribute to INNGE or otherwise get involved, read our quick start guide.

We hope this wiki will be helpful in developing resources and information useful to next-generation ecologists, and will be a useful tool in the development of new plans and initiatives as time goes on.

If you are interested in contributing content to the wiki, please sign up (link on the top right corner of this page). Also, if you have something particularly ambitious in mind, let us know on the account creation form or email the admin, and we'll add the appropriate permissions to your account. If you need help with the syntax for MediaWiki, this page is a great place to start.

If you don't receive the email to conform your account creation right away, check your spam folder.

Note: The login for this wiki is separate from the login for the main site. You will need to have a separate account for each.

INNGE resources & working groups

Open Science in Ecology

Interdisciplinary initiatives

- Ecosystems and Human Wellbeing in the Green Economy

Early Career Initiatives

Information and Resources

Information and resources for next-generation ecologists. If you cannot find the resources you are looking for, please contact us or feel free to start the section yourself!

Career Resources



Funding opportunities

Early Career Groups

INNGE Resources


Methodology & Protocols

Online collaboration and code sharing

Open Source Science

Research groups & labs



- Smartphone Apps

Social Media (for Scientists)

Teaching Resources