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Early Career online meetings and skill sharing

General Idea

Use bluejeans as a platform to exchange ideas and skills among ECR. Bluejeans can support up to 50 people and allows recordings of sessions 1hr meetings led by alternating people Can record sessions and host on the website afterwards Open call on Facebook, twitter, email on skills and topics people are interested in Start date TBC depending on response.

List of ideas for potential session

Some best practices for virtual participation in online meetings can be found here (Open Access):

  • Hampton, S. E., Halpern, B. S., Winter, M., Balch, J. K., Parker, J. N., Baron, J. S., Palmer, M., Schildhauer, M. P., Bishop, P., Meagher, T. R. and Specht, A. (2017), Best Practices for Virtual Participation in Meetings: Experiences from Synthesis Centers. Bull Ecol Soc Am, 98: 57–63. doi:10.1002/bes2.1290[1]