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Contributing a guest blog post

We encourage those interested to get in touch with us if they have a topic of interest that they'd like to contribute to the INNGE blog. These include articles written, among others, as part of the INNGE Reporter initiative. We have created a two-part guide (Part 1 - general overview and Part 2 - using markdown) to posting that should help with the steps involved. We request that contributors write in markdown first, and then convert to html for posting to the blog.

Attending meetings

We use Zoom for our conference calls, which should all be listed beforehand on our events calendar. Zoom is free to use for end users, and has clients for mobile devices. The call ID will be sent by email before each call. Please feel welcome to attend!

We also keep track of meeting chatter and files with Slack.

Contributing to projects

We keep a list of things to do on Trello. Each 'Board' contains planned or in-progress things we're working on.

If you see something of interest, get in touch with us and we'll add you so you can contribute ideas and suggestions.

Online meeting platform

We are in the process of setting up ECR online meetings using our conference system. in order to make those meetings successful we want you to be involved! Have an interesting idea, found a cool paper or want to demonstrate some methodological skills? Use our online conference room and we forward a call via social media.

Editing the wiki

You need to request an account before you can edit the wiki. At the moment, to fight off bots, accounts are manually approved by an administrator.

INNGE Reporter

Our INNGE Reporter initiative aims to have early career ecologists report on the conferences and other meeting they attend, and then distributes these reports, videos, and/or photos via social media or our blog. It's a great way to share your experiences with the global community, without having to host your own blog! These reports are all of course credited to their authors and are done on a voluntary basis. More details are available here.